Release 0.3.2

For the 2nd Internal Project PR I changed up the “College Services” box by; adding a link to “MySeneca Email”, changing the order of the links, and setting the top 2 used links to bold. This PR took quite a lot of time to figure out as it was the first feature in this repo and I didn’t have pre-existing code to reference. The HTML used for Seneca BB is rather messy and formatted in a way that makes changing things on the page through JS more difficult. To accomplish what I did in this PR, I spent almost a full day Googling various sites on how to change HTML content. My first few attempts were all failures, and in the end I finally managed to find a way to do exactly what I wanted. Replacing the innerHTML directly was the only method I found which allowed me to easily be in full control of how the content appeared on the site.

The difficulties of this PR included not having any experience with Chrome Extensions, not knowing enough JS to add HTML to sites, and a lack of simple resources/references to use. Although there are a lot of Chrome Extensions on Github, many are far to complex for me to use as references to implement rather simple features.

Another problem I encountered wasn’t related to this PR but rather my first PR for 0.3, apparently there were 2 Issues made for the same feature required (Issue #1 and Issue #2). I didn’t notice Issue #1 and when I saw Issue #2 I started working on it (I forgot to comment on it), and no one claimed it in the end so I sent my PR. Only in class did I realize it was a duplicate issue created when another classmate brought it up. For problems like this I’m not too sure what to do, if people would normally search the Issue they want to work on to make sure there isn’t a duplicate or not. Up until now I never bothered doing that, as long as I saw an unclaimed issue I would claim it and start working.

Pull Request:

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