Release 0.3.3

This is the final PR for Release 0.3, the most challenging part was actually finding an Issue from an external project that I could complete. I feel that Release 0.2 gave us a much easier time finding random projects/issues as Hacktoberfest was going on. I had to spend many hours looking through projects to find ones where I somewhat barely understood, before looking at Issues to see if there was anything I’d be capable of.

Over the course of searching through projects I came across a few JS projects with some CSS Theme issues, however I failed to find the files requiring changes after installing and searching the projects due to the scale. This went on for about 3 days before I reached the deadline and ended up finding a Markdown task to create an Issue Template for a new project made by a new open source team TopHat. The project for this issue is RichTextView, which is a text view for iOS capable of displaying various types of content/typesets.

As I stated in some post previously I hadn’t used Markdown prior to this course, so despite it being a more minor task it took a bit of research to figure out the formatting again. Making an Issue Template took some quick researching to figure out how GitHub would detect which file is used for certain templates, etc.

Pull Request:

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